PPL E-Learning – Fast Course


The PPL E-Learning course is for all those who want to start flying for leisure, or as a first step in aviation and in the life of an airline pilot, and can then go on to the Modular route, reaching the pilot license at the end of all modules.

It consists on 13 subjects with 9 exams at ANAC (Portuguese CAA). 10% of the total time will need to be at the classroom and it will be to perform the 9 final tests at the school. At that time you will also be able to take some doubts before the final exams at the authorities.

Fast course: 8 weeks are done in Portugal for theoretical and practical exams. CBT is done by elearning (online).


  1. Theoretical Instruction on e-Learning: 90h
  2. Theoretical classroom instruction: 10h
  3. Tests and exams included
  4. 45h practical training (to be completed at our Viseu or Cascais Flight Base)
  5. Total time in Portugal – 8 weeks
  6. Accommodation available (NOT included on the total price)
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